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The pricing depends on your requirements. Every wedding is unique, and we can’t put a finger on the exact figure on how much we would be charging for the wedding. But our very basic pricing starts from INR 1.25 Lakh / USD $1970 Aprox. The basic Package includes covering two events in the Candid/Artistic Photography style, and we would also give you a beautiful Photo-book of these events.

We believe that we don’t charge a single penny more than what we deserve. We can create and craft custom packages for you, just help us with information on your budget. We do not encourage discount negotiations. This is a project where the client and our team believe in, and we believe in working together with all our will and passion, and the right compensation for a work well done is important for us. Please do not try to compromise us in pricing, which makes both of us time waste. We hope you understand.

Our basic Candid Photography package starts from INR 1.25 Lakh / USD $1970 with a 12.36% Service Charge on top of the base amount. The basic Package includes two event coverages in the Candid/Artistic Photography style and we will also provide you with a beautiful Custom Art Photo-book for the two events.

Our basic Candid Photography package starts from INR 1.25 Lakh / USD $1970 with a 12.36% Service Charge on top of the base amount. The basic Package includes two event coverages in the Candid/Artistic Photography style and we will also provide you with a beautiful Custom Art Photo-book for the two events.

Yes, we do. 50% of the payment needs to be made in advance for a booking confirmation. If you have any questions on this, please do contact us.


Please fill in the enquiry form here to get a Custom Quote. Once we have finalized on the quote, and the requirements, we will go ahead with the booking and the confirmation.

It would be awesome if you can let us know 6 months in advance of your wedding. That would give us ample time to decide on the lighting, mood, color, and the direction of your montage. We are usually flooded with a lot of bookings, so the sooner the better. In case you just stumbled upon us, you love our work, you want to hire us, but your wedding is just a month away, please feel free to drop in a note.

A good chunk of our clientele includes NRIs, and we prefer that you can arrange for wire transfer to book us.

We would definitely prefer to meet you in person to understand more about your requirements. You can drop in to our office anytime or call us to schedule a visit.

Please take a look at our portfolio to understand more about how we work. Our website and our blog Please also make sure to read through our FAQs, and if you have any additional questions, you are welcome to hit us up. Ask Here!


Candid Wedding Photography is artistic. It’s so artistic that we make art feel jealous by just rolling the lenses in our camera. Candid is immediate, momentous, and joyous. We give weight to your moments because your wedding deserves no less. Candid photos, and honestly candid videos, with a streak of artistic passion and full on sincerity is what we will be offering you.

The Candid wedding photographer captures a wedding as it is. No one is asked to pose, no one is asked to stand and smile the way it is apt for photography. Moments and events and emotions are captured from the behind, you just wouldn’t know we have clicked you with all your best expressions. The rituals aren’t interrupted; people’s smiles aren’t crafted and perfected. We will just let you be your best self, and we will poke our lens right through your moments without you knowing there is a camera roll behind.

A wedding we believe is like a movie. The coming together of so many beautiful things into one big happy story that is timeless. Isn’t it important to capture this fairytale, the way it is supposed to be? Enter us in the picture, and we will take of the rest. Wedding moments are a motion form Candid/Artistic Photography. The shots are taken cinematically. The angles are coordinated extensively such that they involve a lot of cinematic filmmaking aspects. To throw some technical jargon in, we use ultra wide-angle shots, telephoto, macro, creative shots, smooth shooting, low light shots and solid editing etc., to give you a Monsoon Wedding Part 2. This is just filmmaking at its best. Only happy endings and too many colors and pretty faces to boot, you will love watching it.

We aspire to be the best in the business. And we also want to be true to our passion. And that is also why we believe in using the best camera and lenses that is out there in the market. A beautiful wedding between the lens quality, and the person being captured births some mouth gaping shots. One can frame shots in ‘N’ number of ways, but the photographer’s skill and the quality of the equipment largely contributes to the success of a shot. Every shot is important. Every wedding is like a new lifetime. Our equipments are a class apart, and we are proud to be associated such brands.

You are welcome to choose the mood/setting of your Film. But we are very particular that the track and the essence of the songs are in sync with the video/footage. If that is also your prerogative, our collaboration is sure to create some extraordinary magic.


Of course we do! We are super fond of travelling, and we have travelled extensively across the country for Wedding shoots. From Kerala, to the other side of Paris, France and Singapore, We have been there, shot that! Please note that we expect our clients to take care of the Travel and accommodation expenses.

Just tell us the date, and the venue, we will be there. Get married in a hot air balloon, under the water, why even in Mars. Wherever your wedding is, our lens will follow you.

We will, and we will also make your wedding popular. :) We work by referrals, and swear by the quality of our work, so it becomes important for us to showcase our talent out there. If you do not want your photographs or Videos displayed anywhere, please let us know. Do also remember that in that case, you will be charged 25% extra from your total Package cost.

All Processed Pictures would be delivered with in 20-45 days from your Wedding. Wedding Film, please allow us 45-60 days.

It depends on the package you chosen. Our Print Partner is Canvera who is Asia's leading Photo-book Making Company. Visit our Office for the samples of world class standard photo-books and feel the album / photo-book material touch.

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