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Reserve Your Moments Today!!

Reserve Your Moments Today!!

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We are A Candid Wedding Photography in Trichy and currently growing all over India. A team of national & international destination wedding photography, pre-wedding photography and cinematography professionals dedicated to ensuring you re-live your special day for decades to come. We pride ourselves on our ability to capture moments with great detail, provide impeccable service and promise impressive timelines for quality deliveries.

Why Wedart is Best Wedding Photography in Trichy!

A Wedding Photography is not one that just captures a fleeting moment in time, it is that which acts as a window and lets you travel back to that special moment every time you look at it”.

We are creative and experienced photographers with a passion for capturing the joys, pains, celebrations of life. Our goal is to capture moments that will be remembered forever. Best wedding photography in Trichy both in Candid Wedding Photography and Traditional Wedding Photography at comfortable prices. For Us Memories are the only things that stay, in the form of Photography and what’s better than capturing them in their rawest.

We take our pursuit seriously.

The Indian wedding photography and videography scenario have transformed from simple coverage into thematic documentary-style wedding films and albums. Our wedding photographers and cinematographers work on telling simple wedding tales that are innovative yet exceptional, not moving away from our inimitable fun and off-beat candid style filming. Using the very latest and best technology available on the market right now, our candid wedding photography films are tailor-made for your big day and perfectly complement your unique wedding albums.

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Wedding happens once in a lifetime and we make sure you are portrayed no less than a movie star, yes you read that right. We bring-in cinema experience to weddings bringing the expertise from film industry along with cinema quality equipment. Our aim is to get these accessible to common man at an affordable price.

And we have achieved that in this year also.Get a glimpse of all the best wedding couple portraits, bridal portraits, groom portraits, and candid moments that deserve to be put on display.


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Together with new input from your side, work with us on developing something one of a kind for clients,that literally blow their minds.