Yes true! Brides need to get a lot more done before and during the Wedding, For most of us, the planning and the wedding fear starts as soon as once the date is finalized, and many things want to do at a very limited period for that, we have to learn how to do multi-task. So, we decided to make


With 1 Month to Go:

  • Start your pre-bridal skin care packages or treatments.
  • Start dance practices if you haven’t already. Finalize all the songs too.
  • Buy all your bridal accessories and add-ons; check if something has been missed.
  • Organize all the logistics and transport for out-of-town guests.
  • If it is a destination wedding, cross-check all bookings with the vendors/ wedding planner.


With 2 Weeks to Go

  • Give all your outfits for steam ironing.
  • Get your hair treated- trim, color, gloss, deep conditioning, hair spa- whatever you need!
  • Get your bridal facial now, with enough time in hand for some rashes to disappear.
  • Get a body scrub for exfoliation.
  • Start packing for your new home.


With 1 Week to Go

  • Separate every outfit with accessories and shoes as per the event and see if all sets are complete.
  • Get your brows and upper lip waxed or threaded.
  • Destination wedding? Pack everything well as per this checklist.
  • Pamper yourself with a spa day before all the wedding madness descends.

With 3 Days to Go

  • Reconfirm time with all your vendors.
  • Pack an emergency bridal kit, which can come very handy
  • Get a manicure so your hands and nails are amazing before the Mehndi!


The Night Before the Wedding

  • Try and catch a good night’s sleep- trust us, you’ll need it!
  • Avoid eating anything that can make you bloated or gassy.
  • Avoid too much of salt and sugar to avoid water retention. Drink enough water to stay hydrated.
  • Confirm time and venue with the MUA if she’s coming to your house/ hotel. Reconfirm things like washing your hair or not and if you need her to bring anything- lashes/ hair extensions/ accessories.
  • Confirm the timing with your photographer for the ‘getting ready’ shots.
  • Pack your lehenga and accessories as well as shoes if you are going to a salon to get ready.
  • Allocate someone else to do the running around the vendors for you, like say your brother or sister. Make sure they have a good idea of who’s who and all the important numbers.

Wedding Day

  • Wake up calm, take a moment for yourself and have a cup of green tea or warm lemon water.
  • Put spoons or an eye mask on your eyes to get rid of any puffiness.
  • Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub or good old sugar and Vaseline!
  • Ready? Go through this checklist BEFORE you leave the salon!
  • Get a nice bridal photoshoot done before you go to the wedding. Fix details of this before-hand with your photographer.
  • Get married to the love of your life!