Planning a wedding can be hectic work: wedding dress, venue, reception, food, music, guests’ list… And then you have to decide whether you should hire a professional wedding photographer or not.  It’s okay to wonder, are wedding photographs so important? Is it worth spending money on them?

Hiring a professional wedding photographer, instead of assigning the task to an amateur photographer, is worth every penny you spend. Many reasons are applicable here why you should consider hiring a professional and we can walk you through each one below.


A Single Purpose:

A professional wedding photographer will help you avoid potential disappointment.

The photographer is there for a single purpose, to focus on your wedding in order not to miss a single moment or detail. Your guests, on the other hand, are there to celebrate your special day with you. They are there to have a good time—and so are you. Worrying about photographs will keep everyone Very distracted. Because of your wedding photographer’s experience, they will focus on their job and get the best shots without you even noticing them.

Most importantly, hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer will take the stress off you, your partner, and your guests, and allow all of them to enjoy the Fabulous moment.

In the end, without a professional wedding photographer, you risk ending up with the worst of both worlds, having poor photographs—and neither you nor your guests enjoying the precious Moment.


What makes images looks so powerful?

While your wedding day only lasts for a few hours, you will want to remember it for years to come. You will want to share it with your friends, relatives, children, and grandchildren.

Wedding photographs aren’t just images that you, as a couple, will keep for yourself. They are photographs that will be passed down through generations.

That is why photographs have always played an important role in our lives, they connect us to our past. They remind us of people and places. Most importantly, they let us relive our feelings and share our stories with others


Wedding photographs don’t capture things but emotions:

Wedding photographs will allow you to relive the entire day as many times as you wish, from the morning preparations right up to the goodbye hug of your last guest. These pictures will tell the beautiful story of your wedding and let you look back and remember your wedding day. A wedding photographer is not just an expert in technical matters. Crucially, he knows that he’s not there to capture things. His technical skills will help him in his real work—to capture emotions and immortalize special moments.

The most special moments are fleeting ones: the groom anxiously waiting for the bride, the happiness when they exchange their “first look,” the pride in the parents’ eyes… what guest would be able to capture those?


Wedding photographs capture details

Wedding photographs will also capture every detail you will unavoidably miss during your wedding day.

Your wedding day will fly by. Everyone will want to talk to you, to share in on your happiness. Many brides hardly find the time to eat something, let alone notice small things like their grandmother’s earrings, the ones she had promised to wear on your wedding day.

When you have invested so much time and money into designing and putting together your wedding day, you want to relive the experience at your leisure, taking in all the small things that you were too busy to appreciate during the event.


Wedding photographs capture people

Your wedding is a rare opportunity for you to have all your friends and relatives together.

In everyday life, it is just impossible to keep in touch with everybody. It’s even harder to bring everybody together at the same time. These rare and blessed moments, when everyone you love and care for surround you, cannot be missed!

Let your photographer know the types of shots you would like, the locations, and who you want a picture with. Getting various family and friends together for group shots is a challenging task—but that’s what your wedding photographer is there for.

And, of course, that these photographs can be given to those close relatives and friends as a special gift to remember your wedding day and keep sharing in your joy for years to come. That’s where a wedding album + prints comes in handy.


What are the most important wedding photos?

The key to an amazing wedding photo album is to include all those precious moments and details. We are all different people. What’s special to one may mean little to another. So, feel free to focus on whatever moments you feel are important to capture. Be sure to discuss these with your wedding photographer. Having said that, here are some wedding photos most people will not want to miss the bride getting ready. For many brides, this is a special moment. They will want to keep memories of their loved ones helping them put on that special dress they may have been dreaming of since they were little girls. Then comes the ceremony. Those moments when the doors swing open and the bride enters, everyone stands up, and the bride walks down the aisle.

And, of course, that first look when the groom’s eyes meet the brides. One of the most emotional moments of most weddings. The moment when you exchange Garlands, when you Tying knot, Wearing Toe Ring, Likewise etc… Finally, the bliss you two share immediately following your ceremony when you walk back down the same aisle as husband and wife.


Why are wedding pictures so important?

Wedding photographs are so important because they are the best way to immortalize your wedding. Not just things like Decors, Makeups and dresses, but people and emotions.

These are the tangible evidence of just how great your wedding day was and how happy your family and friends were. They are what will make you smile and cry years after the last light of your reception room has been turned off. And these are things that only a professional wedding photographer can guarantee for you.